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Our apartment buildings, residences and holiday resorts are located at carefully selected places. We sensitively complement their uniqueness by superior and timeless architecture.

Architecture with added value

We work with experienced architects and designers who, like us, promote distinctive solutions and top materials. We want our projects to be appreciated even by the future generations.

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Environmental friendliness and sustainability

We use modern technology to ensure that our projects meet the strictest environmental standards. We strive to minimize their long term operating and maintenance costs.

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Quality of cooperation and personal approach

We emphasize personal relationships with all our clients and partners. We consider fair and open treatment as necessary precondition of successful long-term cooperation.

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Proven by successful projects

DOMOPLAN is established
more about the project Domoplan nemovistosti
Domoplan nemovistosti Villa Božetěchova more about the project Domoplan nemovistosti
Domoplan nemovistosti Kopečná residence more about the project Domoplan nemovistosti
Domoplan nemovistosti Kadetka apartment building more about the project Domoplan nemovistosti
We are entering the reality segment of holiday resorts
After the successful projects in development of apartment buildings, we entered the segment of holiday resorts to expand our offer.
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Domoplan nemovistosti Filipovice apartments more about the project Domoplan nemovistosti
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Filipovice mountain apartments

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22. 5. 2019

Domoplan investiční fond je jednou z nejzajímavějších investičních příležitostí roku 2019

Již třetím rokem úspěšně rozvíjíme náš investiční fond a s ním i portfolio zajímavých projektů. Aktivity investiční fondu jsme 16. května prezentovali na AVANT Investiční konferenci 2019, kde měly možnost se představit nejzajímavější investiční příležitosti z portfolia AVANT. Děkujeme za příležitost k zajímavým setkáním.

20. 5. 2019

DOMOPLAN's new sales portal has been launched

We are pleased to announce that on September 1 2011, DOMOPLAN launched its new sales portal at We have tried to create a clear and user-friendly sales portal which will comply, as far as possible, with contemporary technical advances, while maintaining the original and timeless design.

We would be happy to know your opinion or receive comments regarding any imperfections that might arise during the website's trial run, which will be from September 1 to September 15, 2011. Please send any observations or comments to

Thank you.

14. 3. 2019

Kopečná apartment house among the finalists of the prestigious architectural competition

The Kopečná apartment house has been shortlisted for the prestigious 2018 Award for the New Building in the Historical Environment. Organized by the Club for Old Prague, the Award is givent to projects that sensitively fits in the context of historical places of Czech cities.

Kopečná, designed by studio RAW, was appreciated for its pure architecture that refers to the qualities of modern Brno architecture from the 1920s and 1930s. It fits well between historic houses in a quiet street close to Špilberk Castle.

"We are proud that the Kopečná residence was shortlisted by an independent jury. It confirms effort we devote in planning of our projects as well as the quality of their realization," says Tomáš Vavřík, the founder of DOMOPLAN.

See the complete shortlist here

20. 11. 2018

Filipovice apartments awarded 2018 Real Estate Project

Apartments Filipovice is unique not only for its location, but also for its design and craft quality. This values were appreciated not only by the general public, but also by the professional jury of architects and real estate professionals in the 2018 Real Estate Project Award. The ceremony was part of the Real Estate Congress 2018, the Filipovice Apartments project became the Real Estate Project of 2018 in the Olomouc Region in all three categories.

We highly appreciate these awards, they confirm that raising the quality of our project is the right way to follow.

8. 10. 2018

Domino apartment house mentioned in magazines

The Domino apartment building, designed by Atelier RAW, was worthily mentioned among exceptional buildings in the Brno region. The house raised interest not only by its black and white facade, but also by its disposition, which is very rational and economical.

We are pleased that the project was praised in prestigious magazines ARCH, Stavba and ERA.

8. 3. 2017

Studio Calllab about Filipovice apartments

he contemporary, almost minimalist, simple design of the buildings reflects the traditional morphology of the original architecture of Jeseníky region. We also refer to the history of the site by the facade of the apartment houses, which are completely lined with mountain-clad traditional shingles.

In contrast to the "soft", larch cladding that will darken over time, we use distinctive loggia spaces. They crystallize with a colored glass mosaic and, together with the square windows of the same color, define each of the houses.

17. 2. 2017

DOMOPLAN has opened its business to investors by setting up its own investment fund

After more then seven years of successful business activities not only in the area of residential construction, DOMOPLAN´s owner has decided to establish an investment fund, thus opening cooperation to all investors who want to be part of a group of people sharing the same values.  

The DOMOPLAN investment fund will offer its clients club-type services and wil focus, in particular, on investments in the construction of properties of top quality and high architectural values.

For more information about the fund, please see