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Pekárenský dvůr residence

Bratislavská / Cejl, Brno
Building type
Multifunctional house
Project status
Under construction
Project Site
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A premium residence at a site with bakery tradition

A residential complex with a courtyard full of greenery

In the area of the former Workers´ Bakery, we are planning a residential housing project with a private garden, unique in the context of Brno. Amidst the historical buildings in the immediate vicinity of the Brno centre, a modern residential complex will be built, offering over 250 units with a wide range of sophisticated layouts, from bedsits to luxury apartments with a unique view of the city panorama.

Two new buildings facing Bratislavská Street (where we are also planning commercial facilities) will be complemented by several villa-houses located across a private compound, which will provide the residents with a quiet and safe space for relaxation and get-togethers with friends and neighbours. This is how we want to introduce Brno to the modern concept of a living communal courtyard, a green oasis situated in the pulsating city setting, which is a popular living trend in all of Europe´s capitals.

Revitalization of the exquisite interwar neighbourhood

In the interwar era, Zábrdovice ranked among Brno´s best residential neighbourhoods. Thanks to the project of Pekárenský dvůr, DOMOPLAN is currently the most active investor in this area, returning it, together with other developers, to its former glory. 

Pekárenský dvůr brings modern architecture that is sober, pure in style and sought after. It will offer its residents maximum possible privacy and living comfort quite unique for the city centre. It goes without saying that the project includes high-capacity underground garages and other facilities.

Project architects: DIMENSE, Studio Identity Design
Number of units: 242
Parking places: 222
Area: 12 941,3 m²
Planned construction completion: 4Q 2023
Investment volume: 1,53 mld. Kč