"Every building affects the character of the place where it will be built. Therefore, we put emphasis on quality architecture and design in our projects so that future generations can be proud of our work."

Tomáš Vavřík, founder of DOMOPLAN

"Every building affects the character of the place where it will be built. Therefore, we put emphasis on quality architecture and design in our projects so that future generations can be proud of our work."

Tomáš Vavřík, founder of DOMOPLAN

9 years

of experience in the real estate market

460M CZK

financial turnover of our projects


homes built

How do we work?

Which architects we work with

We give opportunity to experienced architects with distinctive style that imprints in our projects. You thus always get an original property with lasting value.

We develop long-term collaboration with these architectural studios:



Atelier RAW

The studio was founded in 1990 by Tomáš Rusín and Ivan Wahla and currently provides complex project services ranging from preparation works to authorial supervision and engineering. It has worked on large urban complexes, its portfolio includes completion of a number of buildings and interiors.

Colllab studio

A progressive group of architects, who have in common the fact they either worked or studied (or both) at the Faculty of architecture in Brno. The consider the studio as a platform for teamwork, a laboratory that goes beyond designing and projection.

Kuba & Pilař architekti

Since 1996, this studio has made significant building on various places in the whole Czech Republic. It has received a number of awards (including the 2009 Grand Prix of Architects for the buildings of the Faculty of Chemical Technology, University of Pardubice).

Zdeněk Fránek architect & associates

A prominent Czech architect, awarded as the Architect of the year 2018, teacher and pioneer of Czech architecture. He get attention thansk to a number of original projects, such as the Trail in the Clouds in Skipark Dolní Morava or the church of the Brethren Church in Litomyšl.

See the values we ephasize

We change the world around us by investing in real estate of the highest quality. We focus on original architecture which respects its surroundings and the environment. We know that quality architecture serves its purpose for several generations. Therefore, we focus on projects that do not lose their value even after years.

Our philosophy

  • Quality and reliability
  • Original and distinctive solution
  • Individual approach
  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for architectural values

Sale & services | FAQs

We keep our completed real estate projects to and take care of their further development. We also provide a number of related services. Your interests and needs are always our highest priority, so we only recommend solutions that we would have chosen for ourselves.

Sale and purchase of real estate
  • Are the apartments in the completed properties sold by DOMOPLAN, or do you sell the properties to other company after completion?

    The uniqueness of our approach stems from the fact that we do not sell our properties after completion. Instead, we continually take care of all subsequent services and maintenance. The apartments are thus sold by DOMOPLAN that also has its own financial center and maintenance service.
  • What financial services do you provide?

    DOMOPLAN has its own real estate and financial centre, which offers, besides standard real estate services related to the acquisition of properties, a comprehensive and independent selection of all available mortgage and loan facilities on the market. Our agents are absolutely independent on any particular financial institution. This enables us to find an optimal financing alternative to suit the client's needs as well as to use any previously stipulated products.

    If you are interested in our financial services, we will provide you a personal estate agent.

    Areas our agents can help you

    • sale and purchase of real estate
    • advisory on mortgages, loans, insurence or building savings
    • optimal financing structure
    • legal and insurance services

    Where can I find contact on my personal agent?

    All contacts on the agent who arranges property purchase as well as the complete financial and legal services are listed at the particular project.

    Our financial partners

    Česká spořitelna, ČSOB, Komerční banka, Raiffeisen Banl, UniCredit Bank, mBank, Volksbank, Hypoteční banka, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Sberbank, Equa bank, Allianz, AXA, Česká pojišťovna, Generali pojišťovna, triglav, UNIQUA pojišťovna

  • Can I protect my property by insurance?

    Yes, besides providing loan and mortgage consultancy, our client centre will also arrange for insurance to protect your property or mortgage as well as insurance cover against the inability to pay, including insurance related to the purchase of a property. You will thus obtain all insurance policies requested by banks.

Condominium services
  • What is specific for the condominium form of ownership? What makes it an interesting investment opportunity?

    For our properties, we prefer condominium form of ownership and building management. This basically means that finances, collected in a maintenance fund by the property owners in particular apartment or holiday house, are used for further investment. Of course, under the condition that all owners have an detailed overview of the fund's performance.

    This efficient management of common finances provides high market value of your property investment. Return on investment is up to 12 years, the yield exceeds 8% p.a.

  • What services does DOMOPLAN provide for its apartment projects?

    If you decide to rent your property, we will take all the necessary steps to minimize your involvement. We standardly offer a reservation system on our website, provide keys for the tenants, cleaning and basic maintenance services.

Warranty service
  • How long does last the the warranty on the property and its accessories?

    For the property itself it is mostly in accordance with the legal two-year guarantee. The warranty of other accessories is specified in the warranty certificate.

  • How and when can I raise a claim? Who can raise it?

    Claims shall be raised in writing, immediately after a defect has been identified. The claim procedure is defined in the warranty guidelines, which you will receive from your personal agent.

    The procedure fully complies with the statutory requirements. Generally, defects caused by defective materials or unsuitable building technology will be removed by DOMOPLAN at its own expense. Any defects caused by living in or using the apartment / building shall not be covered by the warranty. The warranty shall also not cover any work performed by persons not authorised by our company during the warranty period.

    The claim shall be raised by the owner of the apartment / building. If defects in common areas are involved, the claim shall be raised by the caretaker or by the representatives of the Community of Owners.

  • How are claims resolved within the community of owners?

    It always depends on the contract between the property caretaker and the Community of Owners. However, defects in common areas are mostly resolved by the property caretaker. Nevertheless, such claim may still be raised by a representative of the Community of Owners or by the owner of the apartment. Matters related to the maintenance of the building, such as lighting replacement, adjustment of heating modes, etc., which are to be arranged for by the building caretaker, may not be subject to a claim.

We're here for you

Our team specialists will guide you through all steps of selecting and buying a property; they will be happy to explain what services Domoplan offers.

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