"We care about the ability of our projects to create conditions for a happy life. We are constantly seeking interesting locations that we sensitively develop with sophisticated architecture.”

Tomáš Vavřík, founder of DOMOPLAN

"We care about the ability of our projects to create conditions for a happy life. We are constantly seeking interesting locations that we sensitively develop with sophisticated architecture.”

Tomáš Vavřík, founder of DOMOPLAN


Emphasis on detail and human dimension

We always bear in mind that good architecture thinks about people and their needs. The originality of an architectural solution is just as important for us as good relations, friendly communication and respect for history and local communities.

We don´t underestimate preparations

An exceptional result cannot be rushed. That´s why we give architects time in order for their ideas to mature. We intensively discuss the form of the future building with the authorities and people living in the area to make sure that future realization can take place without complications.

We monitor realization quality

We honour the rule that saving money on realization doesn´t pay off. We look for the best materials for our projects in cooperation with proven suppliers, craftsmen and building companies. We are changing the world around us by the investment in real estate of the highest quality.

We provide complete services

The final inspection is not the end for us. We cake care of the subsequent sale and provide financial consultancy, as well as many follow-up services for investing in hotel apartments. Your interests and needs always come first and we recommend only such solutions that we would choose ourselves.


A space for talented creators

We combine talent and experience of both young and renowned architects and designers whose inspiring ideas develop our visions and accentuate the originality of the DOMOPLAN projects.

RAW Workshop
The office was set up in 1990 by Tomáš Rusín and Ivan Wahla. It currently provides comprehensive project services ranging from design preparation to author supervision and engineering activity. It has worked on large urban units and realized numerous buildings and interiors.
Colllab studio
A progressive group of architects joined together by their work at the Faculty of Architecture in Brno. They see their studio as a platform for teamwork, a laboratory transcending mere design activity.
Kuba & Pilař architekti
Operating since 1996, the studio has a history of significant realizations across the Czech Republic, for which it has won numerous awards (among others, Grand Prix of Architects 2009 for the buildings of the Faculty of Chemical Technology of the University of Pardubice).
Studio Identity Design
Studio Identity Design was set up in 2017 in London. For Domoplan, it creates unique concepts for our apartment hotels and residential houses. What sets them apart from other design companies is their belief that the best places always have a powerful story; therefore, they try to give each interior a unique identity that arouses strong emotions and creates pleasant feelings connected with our memories.
Architektonická a projekční kancelář Dimense
The architecture and design office DIMENSE was set up in Brno in 1995. A subsidiary office, DIMENSE Architects, s.r.o., was opened in Prague in 2010. Today, the company works across the Czech Republic, with its creative team led by three authorized architects: Petr Hovořák, Aleš Putna and Radim Lička.
Zahradní ateliér Krejčiříkovi
Since 1998, Ateliér Krejčiříkovi has been designing garden and landscaping work for various locations in the Czech Republic and abroad. They bring order to busy public spaces, create quiet zones in private residential buildings and work with larger landscape units. We invited them to work on our mountain apartment hotels, where we find it especially important that each detail of the place contributes to relaxation and pleasant experiences.

How did it all begin?

Our story

We are currently building

A residence with a park view just a few steps from the centre of Brno

Hvězdová residence

A multifunctional house surrounded by a city park uniquely combines all ingredients of modern city living. Thanks to the strictly geometrical facade and the sophisticated layout, each unit has at least one fully glazed wall.

Who will be there for you

Specialists from our team will be happy to guide you through both the process of choosing and buying your real estate and the portfolio of DOMOPLAN´s services.