Financial and real estate center

The developer DOMOPLAN has its own real estate and financial centre, which offers, besides standard real estate services related to the acquisition of properties, a comprehensive and independent selection of all available mortgage and loan facilities on the market; it is also not tied to any entity. This enables us to find an optimal financing alternative to suit the client's needs as well as to use any previously stipulated products.

Our real estate agents provide complete real estate, financial and legal consulting services and have expertise in tax issues as well as in the legislation applicable in the Czech Republic and abroad. They will help you with the sale or acquisition of a property, arrange for a mortgage, loan, insurance policy or building society products, and will propose an optimal financing structure.

Financial and real estate services in brief

  • Services of a real estate and financial agent
  • Knowledge of the housing loan segment
  • Legal and insurance services
  • Individual approach to client requirements
  • Independence of financial and real estate services
  • Discretion and solid partnership

We have a long-term relationship with banks and institutional or private investors. We always offer our clients an individual and innovative approach regardless of the specific project.


Your personal estate agent

Each one of you will be served by a dedicated personal estate agent, who will assist you in choosing a property and identify the optimal financing solution to your housing needs. The agent respects the client's individual needs and interests, and monitors, on a continuous basis, the conditions of financial products in order to select the most convenient option.

The agent will offer the connection and combination of products from building societies and mortgage centres, arrange for the required insurance and procure all important documents for you. All you have to do is sign the contract in our office.

Agent assigned to each project

For each project you will find contact details of a specific agent, who will arrange for the acquisition of a property and provide full financial and legal services – see Current Projects.

t you will find contact details of a specific agent, who will arrange for the acquisition of a property and provide full financial and legal services – see Current Projects.

Client's interests in first place

When co-operating with the client, we respect the code of financial and real estate agents, which we regard as binding. We are always a discrete partner. The client's interests, needs and situation are put first. In order to help clients make important decisions, we objectively provide them with all the related information. Therefore, we recommend only such solutions that we ourselves would personally select.


Our financial partners