About project

The DOMINO apartment building is an ideal place to live for those who can appreciate the high quality architecture in the vicinity of the Brno centre while sharing the genius loci of Francouzská Street. The major attraction of DOMINO is its location and in many aspects also its uniqueness. The attractiveness of living is stressed by an elaborated architectural design using high-quality natural materials.

Just like with the previous successful projects, implemented in liaison with the renowned architectural studio, RAW Atelier, this building is also an elegant and original construction which combines the current approach to architecture with traditional Brno motifs of the best quality building period, i.e., the 1930s.

In addition, the building is interesting due to its colours. It has been designed in black and white (hence the DOMINO name) with an emphasis on red in the staircase sections. The moderate white façade is completed with elegant black cladding of the building's parterre, and this black and white combination is reflected in the common parts of the building, as well.

French windows opening on to balconies and the lowered sills of the other windows, all this creates a catchy, original façade facing the street.

The silhouette of the DOMINO building yields towards the upper floors, hence creating continuous terraces overlooking the Brno skyline. The recessing line towards the street ensures good sun exposure from the western side.

The building has two staircase sections with lifts. The living rooms and patios of the apartments face the street while the bedrooms with balconies face the courtyard. Besides the entrances and a passage to the courtyard, there are commercial units and a pram area on the ground floor.

The clearly-arranged layout of the apartments includes a central hall from which a bathroom, a closet and a toilet, a living room with a kitchenette facing south and a bedroom facing north can be accessed. The underground floor includes cellar units and the technical facilities of the building in addition to commercial spaces. The building offers a total of 31 parking spaces on its own enclosed plot of land.

By implementing the DOMINO project, a high quality apartment building will be constructed in a place with great potential – good accessibility from the city centre, smooth transport services, a quiet location and far-reaching views of the Brno centre.


  • Period of implementation: 2015 till 2017
  • Location: Brno, Francouzská Street – see About the Location
  • Number of apartments (configuration): 24 (2 bedrooms and integrated kitchenette) + 2 (3 bedrooms and integrated kitchenette)
  • Number of non-residential premises: 2
  • Number of parking spaces: 31
  • Investment: 89.200.000