The developer DOMOPLAN specialises in the construction of medium and high-end residential projects in residential localities all over the Czech Republic, and in particular in Brno and its surroundings.

It offers not only the sale of properties – luxury apartments, top-class offices, multifunctional buildings, etc., but also comprehensive services, including individual financing consultancy. Customer care includes VIP services related to both property acquisition and interior design and implementation. All this results in premium housing refined to the smallest detail.

Our architects

The developer DOMOPLAN places great emphasis on the architectural quality and originality of residential projects. Cooperation with many renowned architects guarantees that luxury and modern houses are built thus fulfilling all criteria for high-quality and enjoyable living. Thanks to the experienced architects whose skills and originality is evident in every house we build, you will obtain an original property with long-lasting value.

More about our architects

City as an ideal place to live

Within our projects, we carefully select localities for pleasant living in urbanised city districts with good transport accessibility and infrastructure – services, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, schools, etc. We make sure that the project fits into the respective urban context, reflects the local architecture and respects history and the environment. Our objective is to support further development of the city. Concurrently, we take into consideration the location of our properties: our aim is a pleasant environment.

Responsibility for projects

DOMOPLAN is fully aware of the fact that residential buildings serve for several generations. Therefore, we adopt a responsible approach to projects and prefer constructions with a long-term perspective. We focus exclusively on the construction of high-quality buildings which do not lose value.

Corporate values

  • Reliability and quality
  • Originality and modern spirit
  • Refinement of details
  • Individual approach
  • Respect for nature
  • Respect for architectural values